Creating Confident

& Healthy Smiles

We commit to provide superior dentistry and patient care
by administering comprehensive, honest, and professional treatment
always in the best interest of our patients.

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Dr. Zachary E. Adkins provides the full gamut of preventative, rehabilitative, and cosmetic dental services
necessary to keep your smile bright and confident. Coupled with our friendly staff,
you’ll find a gentle and caring practice at the hands of Dr. Adkins.

Family Dentistry

Meet our experienced team
for prevention, diagnosis and treatment
of dental problems in a relaxed
comfortable setting.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Wear a confident healthy smile
everywhere you go after visiting us for
quality cosmetic dentistry services.

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are the best possible
option for replacement of missing teeth
and improvement of proper function.

Peridontal Therapy

Rely on our experienced team for
the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
of all periodontal conditions.

Dental Crowns

If you’ve had a root canal procedure
or a broken tooth, then a crown
is most likely your finishing touch.

Screw Retained Implant Dentures

For patients requiring replacement of all teeth
in the upper or lower jaws, screw retained
implant dentures are an excellent choice.


If you grind your teeth we can
fit you with a mouth guard to protect
your teeth from grinding during sleep.

Dental Erosion

If you’ve experienced significant enamel
erosion, we can help you with a few
techniques such as bonding,
veneers, or a crown.

“The BEST dentist I have ever been to in my 33 years of life.
I would recommendhim a million times over. The staff are amazing as well.”
“The BEST dentist I have ever been to in my 33 years of life.
I would recommendhim a million times over. The staff are amazing as well.”

Questions about procedure or treatments?


We’re here to keep you informed and our staff is ready to answer

any questions you may have. Call us today!

Dr. Zachary Adkins DDS

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